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August 14, 2007
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Photo to Remember by IcyKitty Photo to Remember by IcyKitty
wow for some odd reason i gained 200 pageviews in only a few days. suspicious.


this was way too much fun. this is basically what i worked on since 4 [took a break at 5:30 till 6:30 went to the store] and up till now, its 11. im in an art mood! FINALLY! jeez

this is contest entry for ~PinayPinoy122s new contest!! yahoo! lol. u draw one of her charras with one of ur own. and i went through her gallery and found dear old blood.

reference: [link] [link] [link]

and i instantly thought 'if she and ania met and could interact normally, theyd be ebst friends!' so this is like one of those mini picture-taking booths, u know? so they took a pic. only 1 cause then they saw some1 and ran after them to KILL!!

my first time doing blush for real... it isnt too bad i guess DDX

the bloody clothes were fun... heh heh... 8D

yeah its pink. Ania would like it rofl.

their bodies r SO messed up and i like it anyway lol.

Blood (c)~PinayPinoy122
Ania, concept, and art (c)Anna Semenets

aww they even have their names at the top! o3o dont u love the frame? xD scary-looking knife there lol.

the blood... nah, no mature content.
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sailoronymoon Oct 24, 2007  Hobbyist Artist
Lol. You got 200 page views. I WONDER WHY!?

Is it because 99% of people are secretly morbid fans? XD; I THINK SO!

Anyway, this piece is wonderful~ Great job. o3o
LOL probly xDD

thank u's!! <3
Melody-Hikari Aug 16, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
How cool! They both look good!

Ah, it's been ages since I've seen a full colored work of yours!
yeah, maybe thats why i worked hard on it xD; dunno lol. was inspired.

thanx =D
Melody-Hikari Aug 19, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
o.o bwah so awesome! though uhh meh new contest was to draw one of my boy ocs >.< but since u took so long on this n it looks amazing! i'll change it :3 i always wanted to c other ppl draw Blood ^^; hehe n e way...

:faint: i love it o.o cha ur character ish so cute! i wanna draw her! x3 n yew drew Blood so good :D u draw her clothes better then i do xD bwah i wish i can color like yew >.< this is just so nicely done :3 n now i shall add it to meh journal! thankies 4 joining! ^.^
oh sry xD; i didnt think it specified, u just said that barely any1 drew ur guy OCs. i can draw one of those xD sry! lol. i just got this random idea xD;;

thank u ^^ yeah she is but she uses a chainsaw xD; u just need a good program lol.

sure thing o3o its a pleasure <3
heh its okie! n yew don't have to do another entry :3 i like this idea :D tis very cute yet creepy (in a good way) :D

n ur welcome! o.o a chainsaw! COOL! :XD: hehe bawh a good program? i just think its how i color not cuz of the program >.< i use photoshope element n how i color still looks bad D=
thank u xD cute + creepy = weird sense of liking and not at the same time which is awesome xDD

i use open canvas lol xD i dont like photoshop. practice practice practice, which sounds tedious but it really works. try diff styles, diff techniques, whatever. =3
hehe yeah it does xDD

open canvas? o.o i just downloaded it! xDD though i have no idea how to use it >.< but oh well xDD but uhh can yew add more brushes to open canvas? o.0 i can't find anything for it D=
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